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About Us

Finovest  is a Registered Professional Accounting firm situated in South Africa.  Branches located in Pretoria and Rustenburg.  Finovest provides tax, accounting, audit and advisory services within the law structures of an African environment.  All relevant advice is based on local knowledge and 20 years experience.

We love to optimise and help other companies thrive by allowing them to focus on their core business!  Our highly effective team of business specialists and service providers work with best practices and state-of-the-art solutions. 



We aspire to set the standard of excellence by which other firms will measure success. Our vision for the future is to maintain the highest level of service delivery which is time-efficient and cost effective.


We make it our first priority to ensure that we deliver the highest form of service. We deliver innovative and constructive business solutions. We strive to promote professional guidance and coordinate tax legislation and continuously improving our service.


We treat each other with respect and value, understand individual and cultural differences. We value our clients’ opinions and ensure that there is always an open and honest network. We strive to constantly improve our services and act in the best interest of our clients.